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Studio Policies

~ You must be 18 years or older to register for classes.

~ Please turn off all cell phones while in class as it is a distraction to the other students and the teacher. If you MUST have your cell phone on, please set it to its quietest setting.

~ Please remove all street shoes upon entering the studio. Many of our pole dance and warm-up moves will be performed on the floor. Please help us keep it clean by removing outside footwear.

~ Because of the height of the poles, you must be a Level 2 student or higher to climb to the ceiling. This is for your own safety.



Q: Is pole dancing just for strippers?

A: Absolutely not!  Ordinary women are discovering the benefits and joys of this exciting form of fitness exercise.  Pole dancing -- also called vertical fitness -- is for anyone who wants to learn, and can be incredibly empowering!

Q: Can men take pole dance lessons?

A: Unless specifically stated, all of our classes are for women only. However, we strongly feel that pole dancing can benefit every person and as such will be happy to offer couples' classes and private lessons to men. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What do I wear to class?

A: For all classes up to Level 2, we suggest yoga or workout pants, shorts or a workout skirt as well as a t-shirt or tank top. Level 2 and beyond will require short shorts or hot pants; bare legs are required to adequately grip the pole for inversions and climbing. Please remember to remove all rings and bracelets for class; if you must wear a MedicAlert-type bracelet, please cover it with a wrist band to protect both your own skin and the poles.

Please avoid any hand lotions or oils on the day of class, as they can make the poles very slippery and dangerous.

Q: What type of shoes do I wear?

A: Pole Parties, Introductory and Level 1 classes are taught in bare feet so students can learn to adequately grip the pole and have less chance of sliding on the floor. Level 1 students can bring high heels to the last day of class to take pictures but we do not advise dancing in high heels until the student has reached Level 2. Students Level 2 and beyond are free to wear high heels if they wish.  Bare feet are always permitted.

Q: I'm shy - should I take a class?

A: Absolutely! It is very helpful for students to learn in a class setting - watching other students can be incredibly helpful in improving your own technique. All classes, unless specifically stated, are for women only and we do not allow spectators in the studio during class time. Additionally, the door will be locked while class is in session and the blinds will be drawn for our students' privacy. Remember, pole dancing for fitness is a great workout and is nothing to be embarrassed about!

Q: Do I need to lose weight before class?

A: Students of every body type and fitness level are welcome to join our classes. The point of these classes is to tone your body and increase your endurance in a fun and exciting way! Our poles are permanently mounted and will easily hold a student of 250-300 pounds.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Pole Parties must be reserved with a $50 deposit and is non-refundable as we are saving that class time specifically for you. Regular classes are refundable up to 10 days before class starts.

Q: What is the difference between "Pole Fit" and your Level 1-5 classes?

A: Pole Fit classes are designed specifically to build strength. If you want to specifically learn spins and tricks on the pole you should register for a Level 1 class (or higher).

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