Elona Gano

Meet Elona Gano — Pole Dance Instructor Extraordinaire.

Elona Gano isn’t your stereotypical pole dancer. She’s a former Girl Scout (even got her Gold Award). A college grad. A certified optician. And a ballerina.

That’s right, a ballerina! In fact, she has more than twelve years of ballet experience with Oakland University, The Rochester School of Dance and Sun King Dance. When designing her pole dancing classes, she’s been known to draw on that knowledge to come up with some new moves.

It was a desire to expand her fitness horizons that led her to take her first pole dancing class. In no time, she was hooked. She worked her way through the curriculum at Pole Addiction in Ferndale, MI, and later became an instructor there, teaching introductory through advanced classes and developing curriculum for continuing students.

Now she’s bringing her love of pole dancing to the women (and open-minded men) of Northern Oakland County in Michigan. As the sole proprietor of WonderWomen LLC, Elona offers beginning through advanced classes, pole parties and private lessons.

Her mission: to prove once and for all that pole dancing is a fun and challenging way for every woman to get and stay fit — and to discover her inner Wonder Woman. 



Shannon discovered climbing things at a very young age. By the time she was three she had scaled the highest point in her kitchen, crawled into a cabinet and swallowed an entire bottle of multi-vitamins. We don’t think she ever got them out of her system.

Shannon was the Tom-boy of the neighborhood and boasts being able to beat the 10th grade boys in arm wrestling except for three (she was under 5' tall and weighed less than 80 pounds.) She studied gymnastics at the Borgo Sister School of Dance for over five years, eventually competing at a state-wide level to the point where she was a hopeful for the 1984 Women’s Olympic Gymnastics team.  Later, she volunteered at a local YMCA to teach kids the joy of handstands and somersaults.

She found pole dancing while leafing through a Metro Times and signed up at Pole Addiction in Ferndale in 2005. After a pause to recover from a ski-racing accident, she returned to pole dancing and quickly conquered the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes. She brings a unique sort of “Happy Gilmore” style to pole dancing with her “I-can-do-that-or-pull-every-muscle-trying” attitude. Shannon considers pole dancing her adult jungle gym and what she lacks in gracefully pointed toes, she more than makes up for in muscle.

Marketing Director

Christina is our new head marketing director. She has attended WWPS since we opened June 2009 and could not imagine going to another studio!

Since beginning, she has gained an abundance of strength from Pole Fit and is now very confident in how she looks. She takes two pole classes a week, and is also a student at Oakland Community College, where she is working on becoming a Pharmacist. Christina works full time at the YMCA as a Certified Swim Instructor and Lifeguard.


Lisa is our newest Wonder Women Pole Dancing instructor. She started pole dancing the summer of 2009. Her first experience was at her sister’s bachelorette party. The love affair was immediate, and she set out to find a studio near her home. Enter WWPS. The main reason she loves the pole? Empowerment! As a wife and stay at home mother of three, she was having a hard time maintaining a sense of self amongst her many roles and responsibilities. But pole dancing tapped into something long since buried – her confidence, strength and sass.

What else does she love? A form of fitness that is fun and effective at the same time. The fact is, she was done having babies and VERY done with baby weight. She wanted to tone up and slim down with an activity that wouldn’t get tired and boring after a few weeks. Pole dancing met, and exceeded, all her expectations.

She laughs and sweats through every class, and in less than a year is down 23 inches and up 8 pounds of muscle. Lisa hopes to give the students at WWPS the same sense of power and confidence she now has. She wants everyone to believe in their body – its beauty, its strength and its potential.



Jamie joined the pole studio on the spring of 2009 trying to find a form of exercise that could keep her attention for more than a few months.  She found it here at Wonder Women Pole Studio and has been taking technique classes and pole fit classes since then. 


Jamie is a graduate of Central University with a degree in Earth Sciences and Recreation, Parks and Leisure and works part time at a number of facilities in the community.


Taking classes here at WWPS has helped Jamie to become more toned and her confidence has gone through the roof!


She finds that pole dancing is a great way to help keep the stress down and fitness up.


Come and join her at the Wonder Women family!



Mission Statement


Our goal is to bring the art and joy of pole dancing to all women and men who want to discover an exciting and enjoyable method of fitness. We strive to remove the stigma that the term ‘pole dancing’ may bring to mind, and to show our customers a method of fitness that is as enjoyable as it is effective.

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